Special dairy-free ice cream coupon for June!

June 10th, 2014


Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts in Astoria, New York is offering Veggie Happy fans a special deal: Get a free second scoop of ice cream with any dairy-free ice cream purchase during the month of June! 

Let us share some of the fabulous dairy free ice cream flavors sold there to date (they change regularly):

Soy based flavors: Papaya, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Caramel Swirl, Banana, Gingerbread, Coffee, Mai Tai, Thai Curry, Chai Latte

Almond based flavors: Pure Chocolate

Coconut based flavors: Coconut Basil, Mai Tai

They also make dairy free fudgesicles.

Have we whet your appetite?  The vegan community is all abuzz about this place only one week after its grand opening. Get over there and use your Veggie Happy discount!

Sweet Jane’s is located at 27-17 24th Avenue, Astoria, NY, 11102. Click to link to their Facebook page for hours and more detailed information.

(Note that select, traditional ice cream is also sold there, but the dairy free versions are all made on premises. This coupon is only valid for the dairy-free flavors of ice cream.)

* Print this post to use as your coupon and present it at the store. * 



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Vegan ice cream shop opens in Astoria, NY

May 28th, 2014

Veggie Happy is thrilled to pass along this news about Sweet Jane’s, a new ice cream shop in Astoria, New York, serving a delectable variety of non-dairy ice creams, all made on premises. (It will also serve traditional, select ice cream.)

Sweet Jane’s invites the public to join the Grand Opening festivities this Saturday, May 31.  Join the fun and tell your friends! Here is Sweet Jane’s press release for more information:

For more information, contact:

Jane McGinn | sweetjanesastoria@gmail.com

Joanna Barber | joannawbarber at gmail.com | 917.549.5415


Sweet Jane’s Introduces Dairy-Free and Traditional Ice Cream Treats to Astoria

At 120 calories per pop, the Vegan treats bring guiltless indulgence in time for summer

Astoria, NY. May 27, 2014 – A new ice cream shop called Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts is now in offering refreshing summer treats in Astoria. The store’s key offerings include dairy-free ice cream and made-on-premise dairy-free fudgesicle pops, along with traditional ice cream and Italian ices. Located at 27-17 24th Avenue, in the heart of Astoria, Queens, Sweet Jane’s fills a void for delicious, sweet and low-calorie summer frozen novelties.

**** GRAND OPENING ALERT: The public is invited to join the Grand Opening festivities on Saturday, May 31, 2014, commencing at 1:00 p.m. Activities will include a ceremonial ribbon cutting with Costa Constantinides, Queens City Councilperson. All guests are invited to try free samples of ice cream. ****

“As a long time Astoria resident, this community is my community and I wanted to bring them the absolute best frozen treats,” said Jane McGinn, Creator and Owner of Sweet Jane’s. “By offering a vegan treat that tastes just as good, if not better, than dairy, my hope is to provide a treat that appeals to both the old-school Astorians and the recent wave of fresh residents who are bringing new vibrancy to the area.”

Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts offers the best of both worlds: the goodness of a healthy, environmentally-conscious product and the indulgence of delectable and creamy ice cream in one treat. ”I believe we can treat ourselves and indulge ourselves while respecting our world as well,” continued McGinn. “It doesn’t have to be bad for you to taste oh-so-good.”

Fudgesicle flavors will change daily and include: “A Crazy Li’l Thing Called Chocolate,” “Bohemian Raspberry,” “Mellow Mango,” “Rhubarb Strawberry Pie” and “Buzz Me Up Butter Cup.” Along with her dairy-free ice creams, Sweet Jane’s will carry traditional ice cream made with non-rBST milk and organic ingredients. Jane is also developing a line of Italian ices which are High Fructose Corn Syrup-free and will debut in June.

In addition to the desserts, Sweet Jane’s is incorporating a respect and care for the environment into every aspect of the store by using recyclable or recycled serving supplies and green cleaning products. “My paints, cabinets and counter-tops were retrieved at Build it Green, NYC, which provides low cost, salvage surplus building materials,” said McGinn. “My counter-tops were once a bowling alley lane in the Bronx and they have been restored to show the beauty of the wood.”

Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts is located at 27-17 24th Avenue in Astoria. For more information and updated flavors, visit Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts page on Facebook. Follow Sweet Jane’s on Twitter @sweet_janes, for daily flavor updates.


About Sweet Jane’s

Founded in 2014, Sweet Jane’s is Astoria’s premiere vegan frozen novelty shop. Featuring propriety flavors and carefully-sourced dairy ice creams, Sweet Jane’s offers a rotating menu and custom creations. Sweet Jane’s first store is located at 27-17 24th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105.



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Vegan franks a hit for MLB fans in 2014

April 1st, 2014

We’re proud to have helped make more tasty MLB menu updates possible this season! Here’s a brief summary. (Note that updates are still happening and we’ll have more news and menu additions to share during the next several months, so be sure to check our MLB Venue Vegetarian Guide regularly.)

Many teams/ballparks are following the lead of other parks in offering Field Roast vegan frankfurters (and in many cases, also their handmade vegan burgers, which aren’t yet sold in retail outlets). Parks already offering Field Roast include the San Francisco Giants (A&T Park), Cleveland Indians (Progressive Field) and Seattle Mariners (Safeco Field, which also has a dedicated cart and offers specialty franks). New parks switching over or introducing Field Roast franks this year include the Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field has their Italian sausages),  Oakland A’s (O.Co Coliseum), Washington Nationals (Nationals Park), Minnesota Twins (Target Field), and San Diego Padres (Petco Park)… with more likely to follow.

The Field Roast booth at Safeco Field

The Field Roast booth at Safeco Field, section 131

The Washington Nationals’ Nationals Park has a dedicated vegetarian/vegan food cart called “Field of Greens” that offers items including vegan crab cakes, portobello mushroom sandwiches, vegetarian cheese steak, veggie wraps, veggie burgers and more. They are hoping to add vegan frankfurters to the menu there soon, as well.

Nationals Park "Field of Greens" menu board

Nationals Park “Field of Greens” menu board

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field has added Field Roast’s vegan Italian sausage to their menu this year, which is very exciting!  (We highly encourage this sausage because meat eaters also express a real liking for it.) The board has the item listed now as a “veggie dog.” It’s offered with marinara sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese in the in-seat service. If you get it in general concessions, however, it’s not vegan mozzarella, so if you want it vegan, ask for it without the cheese.

Dbacks Veg Dog on menu

Chase Field menu board. It’s actually Field Roast’s vegan Italian sausage.

Let’s not forget all the MLB stadiums that have been selling veggie dogs or frankfurters for a while now, and will continue offering them to their fans. All the MLB teams/stadiums that offer veggie dogs or franks are marked with our veggie happy icon button at the top of the menu listings.

There are only four MLB stadiums left that do not offer fans a vegetarian hot dog: the Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and quite surprisingly, the New York Yankees. We have helped to facilitate sample tastings for all these stadiums and continue to encourage them. We know it’s just a matter of time, of course. ;)

Fan feedback is really important, whether it’s expressing appreciation for vegetarian/vegan options already on the menu, or requests for an item not yet available to fans, concessionaires and stadium reps take these comments into account when they consider what to keep or what to offer, so take a few minutes to chime in with your own feedback. We make it easy for you by providing contact information with each listing on our guide.

We welcome pix of fans noshing on their fave fare at the ballparks. And please, let us know if you discover anything that we haven’t yet posted about the menus. Sometimes, we’re notified after the fact, so it’s good to have fans in the stands, looking out for us too.

Happy baseball season, everyone!


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We helped get vegan franks at the Super Bowl!

February 13th, 2014

Yup!  We did. And that feels pretty darned good. We announced facilitating these vegan options at MetLife Stadium back on Dec.30, 2013 but we didn’t make official announcements about the Super Bowl itself because this was requested from us… and we abided. (The NFL restricts the use of its “Super Bowl” trademark.) After the game, they told us, was more than fine.

We did celebrate the FOX NY media coverage that popped up without any help from us…and we link to that again here.




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Celebrate Veggie Happy Day (January 10)

January 8th, 2014

Here’s to you on Veggie Happy Day!

Here’s to all the folks who have made a difference on foodservice menus by chiming in with their feedback. And here’s to empowering yourselves to continue. Hip, hip, hooray!

Start now by thinking about your local and frequented venues or food establishments. Are there any that stand out to you for either having a great vegan option that you like to purchase….or for having no viable options at all?

Take the opportunity to celebrate your power on Veggie Happy Day by telling them about your experience. Customer feedback will reinforce the options you already enjoy or help open the door to the options you want.

Note: If you’re a baseball fan, January is the most optimal time to offer menu feedback to the ballparks.

Go to our Veggie Happy Day page for more information and easy venue links.

Remember that you, yes you can make a difference!


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MetLife Stadium now offering vegan franks and burgers

December 30th, 2013

New York’s MetLife Stadium, home to the NFL’s Jets and Giants, introduced vegan frankfurters and burgers to its menu two weeks ago. We’re Veggie Happy to have helped make that possible! The regular season is now over, but you can get them at all future events there. They’re sold from the portable stand at section 144.

Happy New Year!


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Bold Vegan cookbook offer

December 9th, 2013

cover_with_nealVeggie Happy director Johanna McCloy and her husband Henri Laborde had the honor of being among the initial reviewers of a wonderful cookbook, “Bold Vegan: Food for the Body & Soul” which is now available in digital and print formats.

The authors are extending this special offer:

We would like to extend a sweet deal to Veggie Happy supporters ($10 for a digital copy of the new book, regularly $14.99).]

To get this digital book discount, please go to their eBook link and put in this coupon code: boldlove

For our review, here is a blurb they are using for the book:

“We must have 10 vegan cookbooks on the shelf collecting dust because the recipes are either too complicated for every day cooking or the finished meals are uninspiring. Bold Vegan: Food for the Body and Soul is different. It has everything we want in a cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow; the  ingredients consist of items we stock, with few exceptions; the preparation time is reasonable for a working adult; the dishes are fun and inspiring to make; and the finished meals are delicious. Not to mention, the photos are beautiful!”
Johanna McCloy & Henri Laborde, Actor & Avid Home Cooks 

Go to their website to peruse the gorgeous photos and easy-to-make recipes. You’ll be salivating in no time.  We guarantee it.



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Turkey talk 2013

November 22nd, 2013

turkey_270x224It’s almost Thanksgiving and everyone’s talking turkey again. We thought we’d chime in and talk about turkeys, too. After all, it is their day, right?

Have you read or seen the recent news about Butterball announcing a shortage of their big turkeys this year?  People are wondering why, but Butterball isn’t telling them. Here’s a possible reason: the turkeys either got very sick or they died. A little background as to why:

”Two decades ago the goal of every grower was to ensure that the flock grew as rapidly as possible. However, the industry has developed a broiler that, if grown as rapidly as possible, will achieve a body mass that cannot be supported by the bird’s heart, respiratory system or skeleton. The situation has forced growers to make a choice. Is it more profitable to grow the biggest bird possible and have increased mortality due to heart attacks, ascites, and leg problems…? A large portion of growers’ pay is based on the pound of saleable meat produced, so simple calculations suggest that it is better to get the weight and ignore the mortality.” –  a prominent poultry researcher as quoted by the Humane Society of the United States

Knowledge is power. Thus, an informed consumer is a powerful one. Read more information on the turkey industry from Farm Sanctuary.

Disinclined to eat turkeys, but still wanting that taste and experience? Choose a plant-based option like Field Roast’s Celebration Roast, which is vegan, or Quorn’s Turk’y Roast (this one has egg-white) as the center of your plate! Both can be found in the frozen foods section of Whole Foods and other large grocery stores. You can also choose from HSUS’s delicious Thanksgiving recipes online or simply do an online search of “vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes” for lots and lots of additional yummy ideas.

Wishing everyone a peace-filled Thanksgiving.



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Farm Bill needs your input

November 13th, 2013

There is serious concern about the proposed King amendment to the Farm Bill currently being considered by Congress, because it would make state farm animal anti-cruelty laws ineffective. Read the article about this in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

An excerpt from that article:

His immediate target was California’s Proposition 2, passed by voters in 2008, which requires that cages for veal calves, pregnant sows and egg-laying hens allow the animals to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely. It is set to take effect in 2015.

Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States, which helped pass Prop. 2, said the King amendment is written so broadly that it would eliminate all state laws imposing “a standard or condition” on any farm product. “Most of agribusiness supports King because in one fell swoop they could eliminate entire classes of laws,” Pacelle said.

Please take a few minutes for the animals and sign the petition from the Humane SocietyThe petition also provides an easy link to get a list of your government representatives for quick calls with your comments. They need to hear from their constituents, especially those outside California.


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QSR magazine touts strong promotion of healthy new menu items

November 7th, 2013

QSR, the fast food and quick service industry magazine, just ran a feature article on Burger King’s successful promotion of its new Satisfries. According to the article, BK’s Facebook fans grew by 40% after the announcement and fan engagement has skyrocketed.

Excerpt from the article:

Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan says the Satisfries social campaign may be the best thing that has ever happened to Burger King.

“The quick-service business does not respond to miniature ideas.”

“It’s fantastic that a brand has the courage to do something that is so big,” he says. “If more and more brands start thinking like people,” they’ll be more successful with social campaigns, Narayan adds.

Gary Stibel, founder and CEO of marketing management consultant New England Consulting Group, says Burger King’s powerful marketing push is not only a positive move for the brand, but also the most logical one.

“It’s foolish to take small initiatives in the [quick-service] business,” he says. “The [quick-service] business does not respond to miniature ideas.”

Stibel adds that many quick-service brands make the mistake of promoting new menu development in a series of small steps. “They’d be far better off focusing on big opportunities and putting the weight of the business behind them,” as Burger King has done with the Satisfries campaign, he says.

Though there’s always the risk of putting too much money, advertising, and other marketing power behind a product that’s unproven on the market, Stibel says, the bigger risk is “that you waste your newness by waiting to see if it’s going to be successful, and then you support it when it’s old news.”

New is a powerful, powerful word,” he says. “To waste the newness of a new product waiting to see if it’s going to work or not is foolish.”

This is valuable information for the concessions industry, too. Veggie Happy always emphasizes the importance of  fan awareness when we facilitate new options on a concessions menu. For many venues, the addition of healthier, vegan options happens under the radar, disallowing customers to become aware that these new options even exist.

At the very least, we tell venues, do these three things to ensure the minimum level of fan awareness: 1) include the new menu item on all online and printed menu listings right away, 2) inform all food workers about the new option, so that they can answer customer questions and direct them as needed to the appropriate stands, and 3) place clearly visible signage for the new menu item wherever it is being sold.

May this article help illuminate what concessionaires are missing by not celebrating new plant-based menu options: an opportunity to heighten fan support and sales.

Link to the article here: “New Fast Food Menu Product Promotion Goes Big”


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